Her Bathroom

The clients requested that two master bathrooms be provided.  The entry vestibule to the master bedroom is provided by (borrowed) natural light by means of a frosted art glass window placed in her shower.  The glass pattern is based upon an early William Morris wallpaper design used in the Master Bedroom.  The ceiling is finished in an off-white venetian plaster.  Her bathroom is located in a semi-circular bay with views of Lake Michigan beyond.  Shower and toilet areas are compartmentalized, and the main space is provided with a makeup area, bath and vanity.  The floor is made up of marble mosaics, whereas the walls are finished in calacutta marble panels and mosaics.  Sycamore trim and cabinetry were used for their delicate grain and warmth.  The silver art nouveau ceiling fixture dates from the early 1900’s, and was purchased from a home in England.

The Study

The Study is located on the second floor, near the master bedroom. The room is provided with an outdoor terrace, built over the breakfast room below. Finished primarily in Oak and glass mosaics, cabinetry was provided for a large collections of books and manuscripts. All modern computers, printers, faxes, and file cabinets are located behind oak panels to provide a uniform classic look to the library. The wooden fireplace hearth was obtained from a 19th century home in England

The Kitchen

There have been at least three additions made to the house over the years, the most significant being that which placed the kitchen on the same floor as the dining room. In order to provide a kitchen that matches the scale and grandeur of the rest of the house, large steel beams were inserted into the ceiling to support the upper floors and provide an open, column-free space for the kitchen. Cabinets were provided by Clive Christian, coordinated with pewter and granite countertops, marble backsplash and limestone floors laid in an historic checkerboard pattern

The powder room

The first floor powder room, located off the entry hall, was finished in panelled Giallo Sienna marble to match the Living Room fireplace stone. Art glass provides privacy and a constantly changing light source in the room. Marble mosaics on the floor complete this intricate composition.