The Entry for the home is contained in the 223 (east) building. A small, cozy library is lined with books and a fireplace. Plans show the arrangement of the rooms on the second floor – childrens bedrooms in the west building, master bedroom and bath in the east. The building at the upper right is the studio, a renovated stable.


Eugenie St. Homes

A young couple purchased two run down, post-fire homes in the Old Town District of Chicago and expressed a desire to combine the two properties into a single-family home. The homes were in an extreme state of disrepair. We worked closely with clients who were in love with the idea of living an historical home, but did not want to be confined to the aesthetics of the 1870’s – and besides, the original trim and plaster had long been removed. Here are some shots of the exterior – before and after. More on the interior next week

The Conservatory

The stairs were completely reworked, using profiles of the original balusters to make the handrail code-compliant. Large oak veneer panels were sized to compliment the stairs in the hall.
The Conservatory is perched on the third floor, located over the guest room. Designed by Eifler & Associates, the glass house is fabricated from South African Mahogany and clad in copper in glass. The conservatory was manufactured in England, shipped to the site and installed by carpenters from the manufacturer near Oxford. The flooring is mosaic marble.