Door County Retreat

A weekend cottage in Door County caught fire unexpectedly and burned to the ground. Memories of the cottage will always remain, but the family decided to build anew. The clients requested a large living area, where guests could mingle, cook, dine and socialize inside and out, maintaining views of Lake Michigan. Bedrooms were designed to be private and flexible, allowing for single or multiple/family use. The house is built from native Wisconsin stone, cedar and glass. Floors are made from polished concrete and heated for comfort during the cold winter months.

The Mary Adams House

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1905, The Mary Adams House has been largely overlooked by Architectural Historians, probably because the house is lacking typical “prairie school” decorative features such as art glass, wright-designed furniture and similar ornament. The house is modest in size (2200 s.f.), but has a monumental presence. These photos show the transformation of the exterior from a white and brown painted stucco house to a stained wood trim and integral color stucco exterior finish. The roof is comprised of recycled aluminum shingles placed on top of 4 inches of rigid insulation for improved energy performance. All original sash has been saved and refinished, and a new interior storm window with insulating glass will improve the energy efficiency of the house. Finally, geothermal heating and cooling will greatly reduce energy consumption while making the house quite comfortable. More to follow.