The Balch (Pearson) House

The Oscar Balch House was one of the first homes designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright upon his return from an extended trip to Europe, during which he designed no houses. Wright had traveled to Europe with Mamah Borthwick, a client’s wife. This flaunting of public morality lost him friends, clients and his family. Amongst those who by contrast stood by Wright was the interior decorator Oscar Balch.

The owners of the house came to realize that the interior plan was not in keeping with contemporary lifestyles. Although the house displayed a grand Living, Dining Room and Study arranged axially across the front of the house, the kitchen was extremely small, and the house lacked an informal family room. Eifler & Associates was retained to restore the exterior of the house, and design an addition to accommodate the owner’s desire for a larger kitchen and family room.

This is a photo of the house before restoration. We discovered that the failing front porch was a rebuild of the original porch, and the house lacked a trellis that once existed on the roof parapet.

The addition was built along the north property line to provide as much outdoor space as possible and allow for ample natural light.