More Balch Photos

the front of the house was in far worse shape than we initially thought. The front terrace had been rebuilt once already and was failing due to bad foundations. The stucco had been coated with paint and an additional coat of high cement white quartz stucco. All of the stucco had to be removed in order to repair structural problems.
The balconies were sagging as well. Wright used the floor joists to cantilever over the exterior wall but over time the weight of the balconies was too much for the floor joists. Usually we “sister” new steel on to the floor joists to make them level, but we instead used steel “brackets” that were applied on the outside and less invasive to interior finishes.

A previous owner decided to use the planter at the front entry to support the sagging enclosed porch above. We elected to use steel beams, installed from the front of the house, over the study to eliminate the column.

The Dining Room and Living Room have been restored.

The front of the house appears as it did when first completed.